About Dr Chad

Dr Chad Gordon

Dr. Chad Gordon
Doctor of Chiropractic, Sports Chiropractor, Biomechanical Expert

Dr Chad Gordon Professional Biography

Dr Chad was a professional triathlete before commencing his Chiropractic degree in San Francisco, USA on a triathlon scholarship. 

During his degree he won the USA Regional and National Triathlon Championships and came 2nd at World Champs. 

He graduated in 1995 and competed semi-pro in road cycling. Chad now competes in trail running and surf lifesaving. 

Over the years he has provided rehabilitation and sports injury recovery for pro mountain bike teams and cared for professional athletes in various disciplines. This unique experience has exposed him to the significant effects of sports injuries, not only at a professional level but also at school and fun fitness participation. 

To help in this arena, Dr Chad has specialised in extremity and sports injury management for the past 20 years and now works alongside Dr Cherye Roche at The Gait Doctor, to help clients of all ages recover from injury and achieve optimal health and wellbeing.