First Visit Experience

Why The Gait Doctor : GaitScan Analysis

There are two parts to this: First, you simply walk across the gait analysis pressure plate to assess the dynamic movement of your foot whilst walking. Then, you stand on the plate to assess your standing pressure distribution and balance. The results of these scans are then printed so that we can review the results together in the moment. The results from your physical examination will be compared to the gait analysis reports and then can be used to prescribe and create custom functional orthotics to support and enhance your foot, and total body, biomechanical function. Then if appropriate for you, Dr Roche will make her recommendations regarding the inclusions of orthotics to your care plan, and the type of orthotics that would be best suited to your individual foot type and foot wear needs. The printed reports are given to you for your records and for sharing with any other healthcare professionals that you may be working with.

Then what happens?

If you are a candidate for custom orthotics, and you decide to go ahead with purchasing them, Dr. Roche will order them through the laboratory in Canada. You will then schedule a “dispensing and fitting visit” 3 weeks later to have the orthotics fitted to your footwear. The adaptation process and follow up treatment recommendations will be described in detail at this visit.