Clinical Exam

Clinical Exam and Biomechanical Assessment

This will be a clinical experience like no other in your experience with practitioners in the past. We will spend 90 minutes together. That is the time required to fully understand your complaints and health concerns, so as to then render a complete working diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that will give you the outcome that you want. This examination and gait analysis scan are pain free, and very easy to do. All you have to do is stand, walk and lie on the examination table for these examinations. You will learn a great deal about your posture, walking (gait) pattern, foot function, and the biomechanics of how you move through life.

The first visit involves 4 basic steps:


Foot orthotics are orthopedic devices that fit into your shoes to help correct faulty mechanics within the foot during standing walking and running. If the foot is moving incorrectly, this puts stress in the joints and muscles of the foot as well as up through the other weight-bearing joints of the body such as the knees, hips, pelvis and spine. Supporting and balancing the foot with dynamic, custom, functional foot orthotics is part of an overall treatment plan designed to address recurring injuries, muscle/joint imbalance, and/or chronic conditions that are unlikely to respond to standard treatment protocols. So, if other treatments, exercise, injections, even surgery has not resolved your suffering, then I may be able to help enhance your healing process. There are orthotics for casual wear, dress wear, various work environments, most sports, and even for kids. The best orthotic for you is the one you will wear most of the time, which means that it must fit in the shoes you wear most of the time. For most men and some women, one pair will be sufficient, and will simply be transferred from shoe to shoe. In some cases, you will want more than one pair to be able to have orthotics under your feet most of the time. For many women, and some men, the dress leather shoes that are worn for work fit very tightly against the foot and therefore require a ‘Dressflex or Fashionflex’ orthotic. However, this would not be sufficient for sport or environments where you were on your feet for long periods of time. So, there are some considerations when choosing which orthotics will work best for you. The practitioner will discuss these things with you before your decide what you want to do. If you decide to purchase custom orthotic devices, the details of your clinical examination and GaitScan data are sent to the laboratory in Canada. They are then manufactured to your custom specification for your needs, and are then posted back to us. This process takes about 21 days.


You will be asked to make a follow up appointment at this clinic to have the devices dispensed to you in 21 days. This is a 30 min visit that involves fitting the orthotics to your footwear and assessing how they function in the footwear. Written, detailed instructions are provided regarding how to wear the orthotics during the “adaptation period” of about 2 weeks. There is also advice regarding any additional treatment that may be required for the best outcome. You will be asked to bring your shoes with you so we can be sure the devices fit.

WHAT ARE THE FEES? The fees are variable depending on several factors. Please call the clinic and ask for further information. Please note that you are welcome to call the clinic for a FREE telephone consultation to get any further questions answered. Alternatively you can book a FREE Discovery Session, so that we can get briefly acquainted, and you can get further questions answered. This is a 15 min consultation that will let us know if your needs fit our services. You would then be scheduled for the full New Patient visit for 90 minutes at a future time.