Get Your Orthotics Discovery Session

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An Orthotics Discovery Session is simply an opportunity for you to meet Dr. Cherye Roche and briefly discuss your health challenge. Following this 15 min introductory visit, it should be clear to both you and Dr. Roche whether she can help you with the services and products that she offers. This brief visit is offered at no charge to the patient. If you decide to go forward, charges for services and products will be outlined in advance.

If Dr. Roche determines that you are NOT a candidate for the services and products that she offers, she will make the appropriate referral to the right practitioner who may be able to help you.

If you ARE a candidate for these services and products, you will then be scheduled for a full 90 minute Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis using the GaitScan® pressure plate technology. The combination of the clinical examination and the data from the GaitScan® will be used to then determine if you are a candidate for the prescription of custom functional foot orthotics.

If you are a candidate for the inclusion of custom foot orthotics into your overall care plan, the devices are ordered. Your custom orthotics are prescribed using the clinical findings and GaitScan® data to manufacture a pair of custom orthotics. Each foot is prescribed individually, and each person has a unique prescription for their custom functional orthotics.

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